Emergency Alert System

TV Stations, Radio Stations and Cable Systems in San Diego county

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San Diego county tsunami inundation maps

Thank you for participating in San Diego’s Emergency Alert System.

This website serves as a resource for radio and television broadcasters, cable facilities, and government agencies in San Diego county, participating in the federally mandated Emergency Alert System. San Diego’s operational area is limited to a portion of San Diego county. A map detailing the perimeter of our operational area is in your local EAS plan. The current plan has the notation “Minor Revision June 21, 2012” on the cover page.

Individuals with EAS oversight at their facility should subscribe to the SD_EAS list

Notices of Required Monthly Tests (RMT), activations, and other emergency communications and coordination notices are distributed via the SD_EAS list. Notices of scheduled EAS general meetings are also distributed via the SD_EAS list.

CARE Alerts (Child Abduction Regional Emergency) and state wide Amber Alerts have been added to the list of potential EAS activations. For additional information about CARE Alerts, please visit the CARE Amber Alerts link.